Custom Fluorocarbon Rubber Products

Eutsler designs and manufactures custom fluorocarbon rubber products, specializing in unusual or different shaped parts. A leading manufacturer in the industry, we are a totally custom manufacturer, providing each client with a part designed to meet its specific application requirements. Our experienced staff has the industry and application knowledge to design and manufacture molded fluorocarbon rubber parts that meet the most exacting requirements.

Fluorocarbon (FKM) rubber is one of the most widely used rubber compounds for industrial applications. Its unique properties allow it to perform well in applications with prolonged exposure to petroleum fuels and oils, oxygen and some acids at high operating temperatures. In addition, fluorocarbon rubber is extremely resistant to embrittlement during long exposure to high heat, making it an ideal material for seals, washers and gaskets for automotive, engine, motor and high temperature applications.

Fluorocarbon Rubber Parts

Eutsler can custom manufacturer these fluorocarbon rubber products, and more, to your specifications.

We serve all industries, including automotive, petroleum, oil field service, energy, construction and industrial equipment.

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