Custom Natural Rubber Products

Eutsler is a leading manufacturer of custom natural rubber parts, specializing in irregular or unusual shaped parts. All the parts we produce are custom designed and manufactured to meet our clients’ specific parts requirements. As a totally custom manufacturer, our staff is experienced in designing parts to meet the unique requirements for a wide range of applications and producing a high quality, high performing part.

Natural rubber is a popular material used for applications that require resilience, pliability, tensile strength and high wear resistance. It is waterproof and resistant to acids, organic salts and alkalis. Also known as India rubber, natural rubber is manufactured by refining harvested latex into elastomers. It can be further refined into polymers and elastomers with enhanced properties.

Natural rubber is not resistant to petroleum products or turpentine and become brittle with long-term exposure to oxygen, ozone and cold temperatures. As a result, it is not used for parts exposed to petroleum products or chemicals, or outdoor applications.

Natural Rubber Parts

Eutsler can custom manufacturer these natural rubber products, and more, to your specifications.

Our turnkey services include:

R&D and Design: Eutsler’s experienced staff works with each client to design a custom rubber part to meet the application requirements, ensuring high performance and long life for the parts we manufacture.

Mold Design: Eutsler designs custom molds for each part, ensuring that all design elements and tolerances are met. We outsource the machining of the molds through trusted partners.

Manufacture: Eutsler offers molding, extrusion and die cutting services to manufacture your part to exact specifications. Parts manufactured by Eutsler meet the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) tolerances. We offer both short and long run manufacturing.

Eutsler offers its customers efficient, cost-effective manufacturing of custom molded rubber products for all applications. Our turnkey services guarantee that all our client’s custom rubber parts are produced to exact specifications and meet their quality requirements.

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