By maintaining flexibility, being responsive to client requirements and goals, and understanding their critical business needs, we provide our clients with an important strategic and competitive advantage. As a part of this commitment, Eutsler continuously strives to provide new and innovative custom rubber products and services to meet our customers ever expanding requirements.

Our employees' knowledge, expertise, and dedication to quality is the key to Eutsler's solving your most difficult custom rubber manufacturing needs.

One other area in which Eutsler excels is research and development. Working with clients in the R & D of new products is a continuing service. Eutsler also assists customers in devising new methods using updated technology for existing products.

What is considered a custom rubber product?

  • Eutsler considers a “Custom Rubber” molded product to be a design owned by our customer.
  • We can help with the compound selection and method of process-ability – We are the OEM molder for that product.