Custom SBR Products

Eutsler Rubber specializes in the design and manufacture of custom and unusual molded styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) parts. All the parts we produce are custom designed and manufactured to meet our clients’ specific parts requirements. As a totally custom manufacturer, our staff is experienced in designing parts to meet the unique requirements for a wide range of applications and producing a high quality, high performing part.

SBR is a family of rubber comprised of styrene and butadiene. As a result, SBR exhibits good abrasion and humidity resistance and high stability. When combined with additives, it also exhibits good aging stability. A higher styrene content increases the hardness of the rubber. It is a cost-effective material that exhibits many of the same properties as natural rubber. Like natural rubber, it has little resistance to oils and chemicals. Special compounds can provide increased resistance to sunlight, ozone and heat. It is used for high abrasion applications that are not exposed to petroleum products and performs well in high-humidity environments. Its main use is for tires and has grown to gaskets, washers, hoses and tubes, brake and clutch pads.

Molded Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Parts

Eutsler can custom manufacturer these SBR products, and more, to your specifications.

We serve all industries, including automotive, construction, architecture, and general industrial products.

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