Specialty Elastomer Parts & Products

Eutsler is a leading manufacturer of custom rubber parts utilizing specialty elastomers for unique applications in wide range of industries. Our experienced staff works with each client to design a part to meet their exact specifications, including assisting the client in selecting the material for the part. They have the industry and product knowledge to recommend an elastomer that will perform well in the application.

Specialty elastomers, including fluoroelastomers, silicone and HNBR have excellent heat, chemical and environmental resistance. These different elastomers exhibit a range of properties and are selected based on how the elastomer performs for the specific application. Fluoroelastomers have excellent temperature and chemical resistance, HNBRs have good temperature and oil resistance, and silicones have excellent high and low temperature resistance.

Eutsler serves all industries, including construction, petrochemical, oil and gas, mining, electronics, as well as manufacturing parts for general industrial applications. We specialize in irregular, or different, shaped parts, custom designed and manufactured for each application. As a totally custom manufacturer, our staff is experienced in meeting the unique requirements for different applications, designing and manufacturing parts to meet your exact specifications.

Custom Made Elastomer Products

Eutsler can custom manufacturer these products, and more, using specialty elastomers to your specifications.

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