Oil & Gas

Eutsler is a leading custom manufacturer of specialty molded rubber parts for oil and gas industry applications. We design and manufacture custom or unusual shaped rubber parts to meet the unique requirements for machinery and equipment found in the oil and gas industry. Our experienced staff has the industry and product knowledge to design to exact application requirements. We will assist with material selection to ensure that your part will perform well in harsh oilfield environments. 

Custom Molded Rubber Products for the Oil & Gas Industry

  • Centralizers for MWD (measurement while drilling) tools and oil well logging monitoring instruments
  • Sleeves and Rubber Bladders
  • Washers
  • Gaskets
  • O-Rings
  • Seals
  • Tubes
  • Grommets

Parts can be manufactured from 1/4 inch to 30 inches, and meet the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) tolerances. We offer a wide range of materials, including rubber polymers and elastomers that are resistant to petroleum products.
By working with our clients from design through material selection and manufacturing, Eutsler is able to provide a cost-effective, efficient manufacturing process for both short and long run custom projects. The turnkey services provided by our expert staff include:

  • Design of a custom rubber part that meets all the design elements and tolerances for the application.
  • Design of the custom molds required to manufacture the part, and outsourcing of the machining of the molds.
  • Selection of the appropriate rubber compound for the part using one of over 300 rubber compounds available, or the creation of a custom elastomeric compound.
  • For washers or seals that require bonding the elastomeric compound to metal, Eutsler's experienced staff will develop the correct combination of natural or synthetic rubber, substrate, bonding agent and metal for each part, ensuring high performance and long life.
  • Manufacture of the part, including molding, extrusion and die cutting. We have the capacity for quantities ranging from prototype through production runs.

Eutsler's expertise in manufacturing specialty or unusual shaped rubber parts for the oil and gas industry ensures that your part will meet your exact specifications and performance needs. Call today for a custom Eutsler solution.

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