Eutsler has a full material selection including a complete line of fluoroelastomers, nitriles, chloroprenes, EPDM, natural rubbers and other specialty elastomers. Environmental conditions of chemicals and heat often challenge rubber materials. Eutsler has the expertise to recommend the best materials and most cost effective processes to meet our client's specifications.

Elastomer Material ASTM Quality Tests

Every batch of elastomeric material is tested in our laboratory and a tracking number is assigned so each product can be traced to its raw materials. Physical properties are recorded and a test specimen is saved for future evaluation. Using state-of-the-art computer controlled testing equipment, we perform a full range of ASTM tests:

  • Tensile Strength
  • Elongation
  • Compression
  • Tear Strength
  • Resilience
  • Material Shrinkage
  • Bond Strength
  • Dispersion
  • Specific Gravity

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What is considered a custom rubber product?

  • Eutsler considers a “Custom Rubber” molded product to be a design owned by our customer.
  • We can help with the compound selection and method of process-ability – We are the OEM molder for that product.